A bit about me

ūüĆü Welcome to Chapter Bookkeeping and Chapter Foundations.


Your go-to space for positive connections, learning, and embracing the entrepreneurial journey together. I’m Joanne, your friendly, independent bookkeeper and mentor. I am a wife and mother, so juggling life is my jam. Here is an interesting juggling flaming hoops¬†video for fun.

I am excited to share my bookkeeping services, and I also offer mentorship VIP call in bookkeeping setup, social media marketing, and business strategy planning. Book a fun session on planning your business future and clearing the fog of confusion.

 I enjoy bringing order to chaos. If you were like me, trying to figure out where to turn for help, spending hours researching or joining webinars to try and gain some hope and clarity but not making the progress you had hoped for, I can help.

When I finish a call, my clients have gained hope and clarity and started progressing. Some clients have come to me struggling and leaving with a newfound love for their business.

I love learning, and I created this website. I keep learning new skills to expand not just my mind but my business, too. I would love to help you develop some of your skills. Take a look at a Chapter Foundations VIP call. That page has some of my best website skills, which I learned from The Website Mentor.

But let’s focus on the positive side! Like conquering exams, I’ve faced challenges but refused to back down. I understand the struggles of running a business and offer bookkeeping services, a fresh perspective, mentoring, and problem-solving skills to jazz up your venture.



Extremely helpful and answered all my questions. Thank you Chapter Bookkeeping


Running a business is like steering through uncharted waters. I get it. Distractions happen, and productivity might take a hit. I know the value of seeking help and outsourcing, and I make sure my clients have peace of mind knowing their business is in capable hands.

My life has changed so much since I invested in a business coach. She has opened my eyes and mind to another side of running a business.

 I started as an office whiz, danced with payroll, and became a friendly neighbourhood courier. Bookkeeping kept calling me back, leading me to begin my bookkeeping and mentoring.

Let’s talk bonding: I’m not just about crunching bookkeeping numbers but also connecting with you and your business and providing real-time insights into your profits.¬†

Check out my Chapter Foundations VIP Call for a glimpse into some of my best skills.

Photography? Yep, that’s my new hobby, and you can find some of my pics on this website. Learning is my jam, and I continuously expand my skills to grow my mind and business.

Ready to bring Hope, Clarity, and Progress to your business? Click on one of the buttons ‚Äď because knowledge is power in this ever-evolving business world, and genuine connections matter. Testimonials speak volumes about the positive impact I can bring. Join me, Joanne, in navigating this digital realm together! ūüĆźūüó£ÔłŹ

Testimonial for Chapter Foundations VIP call

All I can say is thank you. You have helped me so much today. As a new business and not really having a clue where to start. Joanne has helped me so much today. Got me motivated to do the task that I needed to do. The advice that I needed was great.

Joanne is so motivated and full of energy, and so helpful with her advice. I have ticked off most of my task list for today.

With Joanne’s Knowledge and advice, I have started to take charge of what I need to do.


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