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Chapter foundations for basic bookkeeping setup, marketing and business strategy


Who is this for


Business owners that are feeling stuck, and frustrated and want someone to listen in a non-judgmental way. Bounce ideas with or gain clarity in what they are doing.


Who better than a fellow Soletrader, self-employed or entrepreneur (There are so many names for us now to choose from) that knows from first hand experience what it is like to run a business, do marketing, design a website and what ever else needs to be done plus run a home.

A two-hour deep dive into discovering your business needs and goals




All I can say is thank you. You have helped me so much today. As a new business and not really having a clue where to start. Joanne has helped me so much today. Got me motivated to do the task that I needed to do. The advice that I needed was great.

Joanne is so motivated and full of energy, and so helpful with her advice. I have ticked off most of my task list for today.

With Joanne’s Knowledge and advice, I have started to take charge of what I need to do.





Gain a crystal clear understanding of the monthly bookkeeping tasks essential for your business’s financial health.

 We will look at what bookkeeping system could work seamlessly for you or fine-tuning your existing one.



Not sure about Marketing, let’s brainstorm some ideas. Already doing your own marketing.

By sharing my knowledge and guidance with what I have learned, we can use creative and imaginative ideas to promote your business.


Business Strategy:


Listening to:

Your plan of action

Your ideas

your goals

Together, we will devise or tweak a plan to help get you started or grow on your success.


We’ll cover as much ground as possible, and I will offer guidance based on my entrepreneurial journey.

Prioritizing your success: let’s connect for a thriving future- book a call today.

Why choose to work with me?

Are you a sole trader, self-employed, entrepreneur, or solopreneur?

You might often find yourself navigating your unique path, striving to achieve your goals and dreams. Sometimes, even talking to friends or family may not fully convey your aspirations.

I have been through this or felt embarrassed to tell anyone what I was doing but stuck with it.

Then I found like-minded people who have become friends and now I tell everyone with more confidence about my business goals because it is my bookkeeping business and I get the joy of working in a way I want to.

While we’re well aware of our challenges, I’m here to offer more than bookkeeping services.  A friendly ear, Freedom with no judgment to speak your desires and dreams for your business. I relish brainstorming ideas, creating plans, and bringing order to chaos.

Together, we can transform your struggles into valuable lessons and propel you toward your desires for the future.

Help is on the way.

In my journey, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with incredible individuals like The 6 Figure Bookkeeper, as well as meeting like-minded people and discovering valuable groups, resources, and connections.

While not everything was perfect, I found my business mentor, Leah Crowfoot, through The 6 Figure group.

Through working with leah, I have changed from being frustrated with my bookkeeping business to loving being self-employed and becoming more creative in my ideas and work.

Rediscovering what I am passionate about, like helping others grow from their frustrations, confusion and uncertainty to be more confident in setting up their business.

We do not need to go it alone, and I understand that sometimes finding the right help you need is not always easy.

No matter if you are very new to owning a business or had one for while and want to refresh and grow, what ever your reasons I am here to help you.

This is exactly why I started chapter Foundations to help break through the start-up blues.

Is it not just me?

I don’t conform to the typical mould of business owners, and that’s okay. I’m forging my path and learning along the way. Assisting others in developing their unique paths is incredibly fulfilling and exciting.

It’s an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, which can significantly reduce our frustrations. I have created my own business through research, watching many webinars, and creating my website, which started through a 30-day challenge with The website mentor and Doing my marketing.

I grow every day and often change things to adapt to my way of working so I can build my flexible business but still meet the needs of my clients. I do not shy away from changing my strategy as that is precisely what it is for; plans never stay the same; they grow, and so can we.

Gone are the days when we all had to follow the same script. After all, variety is the spice of life, so let’s live it on our terms.

I celebrate that I’m not the same person I was a year ago. I’m no longer afraid of the challenges in the business world, and I’ve found people and groups that provide unwavering support, and I would love to help you on your journey.


Joanne’s warm, clear communication put me at ease and helped me to open up and express my bookkeeping needs. I left with an action plan checklist clearly indicating my next steps in organizing my financial systems.

As an unexpected bonus, I received a website assessment and tips on how to elevate my website’s messaging, CTA and so much more.

Joanne passionately helped me to move forward in my financial well-being by helping me to implement an effective bookeeping strategy. I now move forward in my business financial health with confidence and direction.

I recommend Joanne’s generosity and service.


Nothing is guaranteed.


There are no guarantees that you won’t face the same pitfalls, but I promise to give my all during our session to help guide you through them. I’ve made valuable connections that could benefit you, though it’s essential to note that I’m not currently affiliated with anyone I may mention – all recommendations are based on my personal experiences.

Together, we can transform your struggles into valuable lessons and propel you toward your desires for the future. Let’s work together to make your success a reality.


I can’t wait to meet you! If you’re eager to explore what we can achieve together, go ahead and book a call today. Let’s kickstart our journey of brainstorming and turning great ideas into reality!


This VIP CALL is £75. When you book your appointment it will take you to a payment link. 


Joanne was brilliant. I had just started my business and needed advice and help. The advice I got from Joanne was great. Her knowledge has really helped me and my business. Would highly recommend.



Disclaimer Alert:

This call is a guidance and support call; I cannot guarantee success and except no responsibility for any out comes.   This is an opportunity to work with me as a like-minded individual based on my own experiences.   I am passionate about helping others cut through the noise, get some much-needed clarity, and ease the struggles and stress of early business owners. This is a guide and should not be solely relied upon; please do your research. I accept no responsibility for any decisions made based on this call. Please seek professional advice where needed.

I will not deep dive into your accounts and answer questions on your business account. This is for getting the bookkeeping systems guidance, on marketing ideas and business strategy. If you want to talk about your actual accounts please book here.