Hourly bookkeeping rate or Monthly payment

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Monthly bookkeeping cost versus hourly rate bookkeeping.


Effective financial management serves as a cornerstone for achieving success in business endeavours. Among the pivotal decisions confronting business owners—small business proprietors, entrepreneurs, or sole traders—is the choice between monthly bookkeeping services or hourly rates. This decision, crucial to small business owner financial operations, warrants careful consideration. In this comprehensive guide. We will dissect the advantages and disadvantages of both professional services. Thereby empowering you to make an informed choice that impeccably aligns with your distinctive business prerequisites.

Advantages of Monthly Bookkeeping:

Predictable Costs:

Foremost among the decisions motivating businesses to embrace monthly bookkeeping services is their predictability. Anchored by a fixed monthly fee, you can chart your financial resources, avoiding any worrying surprises. The cost of such basic bookkeeping services can commence at a modest £50 per month. This is based on the pricing structure adopted by the bookkeeper.

Efficient Cost Management:

Monthly bookkeeping packages often present a more cost-effective solution, especially if your business consistently engages in monthly financial activities. Furthermore, opting for a fixed-fee monthly package can potentially yield cost savings. Compared to paying fixed fee hourly rates for individual tasks or transactions. When contemplating the employment of a full-time, in-house or experienced bookkeeper. It’s essential to factor in additional expenses such as employee benefits, training, and overhead costs.

Improved Efficiency:

When you commit to monthly bookkeeping services, your bookkeeper is incentivized to complete bookkeeping tasks promptly and efficiently. Meeting your monthly requirements. This dedication to efficiency can result in expedited turnaround times and superior overall management of your financial records.

Comprehensive Services:

Monthly bookkeeping service packages can encompass a broad spectrum of services. A qualified bookkeeper can handle critical financial tasks. This includes double-entry bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payables, reconciliations, financial statement preparation, payroll processing, tax filings, and more.

This comprehensive approach guarantees meticulous care of all facets of your financial management, offering a holistic solution.

Outsourced Bookkeeping should be done by a certified bookkeeper and have a governing body like AAT or ICB to name just a couple as there are more. There are rules that must be adhered to, and a level of professional standards must be kept to, especially for outsourced bookkeepers.

Regular Monitoring and Reporting:

With monthly bookkeeping services, your financial data undergoes continuous monitoring, facilitating the timely detection of discrepancies, errors, or potential issues. This proactive approach enables swift problem resolution and can even reduce your year-end accountancy fees in some instances. This all depends on the accounting firm’s packages for their accounting fees.

Relationship Building:

Opting for monthly bookkeeper services affords you the opportunity to cultivate an ongoing relationship between client and bookkeeper. This fosters a deeper understanding of your business, financial operations, and specific needs. Over time, this relationship can evolve into a more personalized and tailor-made approach to your bookkeeping requirements.

Value-added Services:

Outsourced bookkeeping frequently extends supplementary value-added services such as from your financial statements to financial analysis, payroll services to cash flow forecasting, and business advisory services. These services furnish invaluable insights and guidance, assisting you in making informed financial decisions, devising strategies for the future, enhancing your business’s overall financial performance, and formulating a plan for monthly self-assessment tax savings in anticipation of the final tax bill.

Time Savings:

Outsourced bookkeeping liberates business owners, sole traders, entrepreneurs, and their staff to concentrate on core business activities instead of spending time on financial tasks. This can lead to heightened productivity and efficiency, ultimately bolstering your bottom line. Whether it is by hourly rate or a monthly rate. Time is freed up to focus on another task, goal, or dream, which is a good thing.

Advantages of Hourly Rates:

While hourly rates may suit sporadic or one-time bookkeeping needs. It is imperative for both you and your bookkeeper to assess your business’s specific requirements. The volume of financial activities to determine the payment structure that best aligns with your needs.

A freelance bookkeeper and a monthly bookkeeper may have a bookkeeper cost for bringing your accounts up to date. You are a new client. Possibly, you have fallen behind in handing over the necessary documents to keep your financial transactions up to date. They charge an hourly rate to bring everything in line.

Compliance and Reporting:

Effective bookkeeping services play a pivotal role. By assisting businesses in meeting regulatory requirements, tax obligations, and deadlines for financial reporting. By keeping your financial records current. Ensuring adherence to pertinent laws and regulations, bookkeepers contribute to the seamless operation of your business. Additionally, they can provide invaluable insights and prepare you comprehensively for crucial meetings with your accountant.


Monthly bookkeeping services frequently possess scalability, enabling them to adapt to the evolving needs of your business. As your business expands, the bookkeeping service can seamlessly accommodate increased transaction volumes and reporting demands.

This scalability guarantees the continued efficiency and effectiveness of your financial management, regardless of your business’s size or complexity.

Access to Technology and Software:

A Professional bookkeeping business typically employs advanced accounting software like QuickBooks . They become a QuickBooks proadvisor, ensuring efficient data management and generating meaningful financial reports. There are many other accounting software out there.

Access to such technology might pose a substantial expense for a small business to maintain in-house. Outsourcing your bookkeeping can eliminate the need to invest in costly software. Adding to the efficient and accurate handling of your financial data.

The cost can be pulled into the monthly rate as an hourly rate package would also have to add this. Most businesses nowadays pay directly for accounting software as the costs are not as high as they once were. With MTD coming, most businesses are now getting ready for it.

Reduced Hiring and Training Hassles:

The process of hiring and training an in-house bookkeeper can be labour-intensive and may necessitate additional resources. Outsourcing your bookkeeping circumvents these challenges. Enabling you to tap into the expertise of seasoned certified professionals. Who are already well-versed in industry best practices and the latest accounting technologies.

Confidentiality and Security:

Reputable bookkeeping services, whether they are hourly or monthly rates. Will prioritize data security and confidentiality. Ensuring your financial information is protected from unauthorized access. This commitment to security provides peace of mind, knowing that your sensitive financial data is in safe hands.

Ongoing Support:

With monthly bookkeeping services, you have ongoing support and a reliable resource to answer your financial questions. Assist with financial planning. If your bookkeeper ever encounters a query they’re unsure about. They have numerous resources and connections to find the answer promptly. You are ensuring that your financial matters are always addressed comprehensively.

Whereas an hourly rate bookkeeper also has access to resources, they will account for every hour and bill accordingly. You are unsure what the time or charge will be from month to month.

Please check your details for monthly and hourly rate contracts and what is and is not omitted. For example, some can charge for phone calls but not emails or messages, as these can be read at any time. But a phone call will stop them in their tracks to deal with the query there and then. Therefore costing them time.


In summary, the choice between monthly bookkeeping services and hourly rates hinges on your business requirements. The volume of financial activities you encounter. Monthly bookkeeping offers business owners convenience, expertise, and peace of mind. Allowing them to focus on growing their businesses while knowing that their financial records are in capable hands.

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Virtual Bookkeeper Joanne David

Joanne David

Joanne David has been running her own business for 5 years and has over 15 years experience in bookkeeping.  From September 2023 has added another branch to her tree and now includes Chapter Foundations for bookkeeping, marketing and business strategy.

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