Tips for Solopreneurs

Written by Joanne David

Uncover the Path to Solopreneur Success and Thriving Alone.

Unlock the strategies for triumph as a solopreneur. Embrace these invaluable pointers to navigate the hurdles and keep your motivation unwavering. Bring your entrepreneurial ambitions to fruition.

At first glance, the notion of working for yourself appears promising.
However, many solopreneurs soon realize that transitioning from a conventional 9-5 job is only sometimes as enchanting as it seems.

Keep motivated

Feelings of isolation and intermittent motivation slumps can stealthily creep in, and you might yearn for the structured office routine more than you ever expected. Suppose you have children who are still at school or younger. Being a solopreneur can present new challenges. For example, you can easily find a task at home has taken over. The end of the day comes, and you feel nothing has been done in your business. Another scenario that most solopreneurs tend to suffer is the classic being busy in your business but not productive.

Is it urgent?

There are many pits, falls, and side tracks that easily for some, and I include myself in this, be a distraction. I have learned that urgent and priority jobs are different. Let me explain. Sometimes, what seems urgent is not, and the jobs that are a priority are the ones that need your attention and the jobs that will give you progress.

So when an email states that it is urgent, more often than not, they are not urgent but a distraction. The phone call from a friend is not urgent, and boundaries may need to be in place.

The tasks that are a priority for your business are the ones that will bring more significant improvement to your business and will reduce your task list.

Another tip I recently discovered was to turn my notifications to silent and only have what I truly need to have a sound. I now achieve so much more work than before because my phone is not constantly going off.

Discipline for solopreneurs

Getting the discipline down can come quickly to some, and others will find it challenging. Someone once told me to think of yourself as your own boss or client. Some people find this works for them.

It is just a question of trial and error until you find it motivates you. 9-5 may be something other than your thing. You may be from 1 pm till 8 pm, which, funny enough, I have discovered works better for me now.

Nonetheless, your decision to embark on this solo journey was fueled by a purpose, and lost motivation is something you can recover from. Consider these priceless insights to overcome these challenges and inspire yourself during trying times.

Here are some vital strategies for solopreneurs:

Harmonize your Solopreneur Business with Your Lifestyle. Pursuing freedom is driving the transition from corporate careers to solo entrepreneurship. You may be a parent and want a better work-life balance. A school leaver does not want to work for someone else. Or simply Tired of working for others. There are so many reasons someone will choose this path. Once you find your way, it is a great adventure.

Embrace the opportunities

Entrepreneurship allows you to shape your work around your lifestyle, not vice versa. Therefore, the key to unwavering motivation lies in implementing this principle.

Especially during the initial stages of your business, you may decide to work all the hours you can to start getting your new adventure off the ground. However, did you truly embark on this solo journey for that reason?

Alignment with you is key.

Tailoring your business to align with your way of life enhances your contentment and furnishes you with the momentum needed to sustain your venture. Consequently, moulding your schedule to accommodate your personal preferences is imperative.

For example, if you relish unwinding with friends over happy hours, why not adjust your work hours to commence and conclude earlier in the day? This way, you can allocate time for social interactions after work. Likewise, if you are a dedicated fitness enthusiast, capitalize on your flexible hours to hit the gym during off-peak times when it’s less crowded.

Home Duties

Have a family work out a schedule around your home duties. For example, I may need to get up earlier and clean one room on a Monday, then the kids are up, sort the kiddies, and then back home for a couple of hours.

Remember Lunch. Fueling your body is vital, and if you like me and get very absorbed in your work, I forget to have Lunch. I set a reminder on Alexa. The next mission is to listen to her, get up off my butt, and make Lunch. I chose this time of day to prepare some dinner, or if it was prepared and ready from the night before and put it into the slow cooker.

Trust me, it has taken a long time to figure this bit out. Then, after Lunch, step outside for daylight and fresh air. Now get back to it till the next break or, if you choose, finish the day. It is your business, and doing it your way is vital.

Finding balance as a solopreneur

These are just a couple of illustrations, but it is essential to contemplate how you can balance your business with your other interests. Moreover, remember to optimize your workday to prioritize your health and well-being. Dedicate some time in the morning for a calming cup of tea, journaling, and exercise to counteract the effects of extended periods of sitting. Yoga stretching is another fab way to loosen the tightness of sitting for extended periods.

Discover a Cozy Coworking Space

Working from the comfort of your home is undoubtedly appealing, but the solitude of not encountering another soul throughout the day can become rather isolating. Additionally, it might lead to restlessness and hinder your concentration. On the flip side, if your household is bustling with noisy family members and working from home. Maintaining focus can be an ongoing challenge.

Explore the possibility of a nearby coworking space where you can meet like-minded individuals and work in a tranquil yet productive environment. Coworking spaces often host informative events such as workshops and seminars, providing opportunities to acquire new skills and nurture your ideas. Another popular one is taking yourself to a coffee shop and treating yourself simultaneously.

Establish a Reliable Support Network

One of the advantages of coworking spaces is the chance to connect with and learn from fellow solopreneurs. They can empathize with your experiences in ways that most of your friends and family may not and uplift your spirits when needed. Furthermore, they can offer invaluable insights and advice to assist you in overcoming your challenges.

Nevertheless, coworking spaces are not the sole avenue for interacting with other entrepreneurs. Networking groups are gaining popularity as an invaluable tool for business growth. Networking groups constitute a peer-to-peer mentoring collective where you can draw inspiration, exchange ideas, and bask in the support and guidance of fellow entrepreneurs. Participation in such a group also reinforces your accountability, a crucial aspect to combat moments of diminished motivation.

You could also find an online group or membership that offers coffee chats and accountability hours. There are so many ways we can connect with other solopreneurs. There is an online networking site called Meeow, and I have found it very useful as you are in a virtual room of a maximum of 4 people. There are onscreen prompts, so if you are not ready for face-to-face networking, this could be an excellent beginning.

Please reach out if you are interested in learning about some of the online groups I have found. I am more than happy to offer referrals.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

Balancing your workload is easier said than done, yet it is an indispensable element of sustaining motivation. Research indicates that small business owners often work longer than average workers. In the UK, companies can only make employees work up to 48 hours per week, but self-employed individuals have no limitations.

Nevertheless, setting time constraints is essential to ensure your productivity and sanity remain intact.

Taking periodic breaks not only benefits your physical health but also your mental well-being. Although you may need more time to perfect this balance, making gradual adjustments and determining what works best for you is crucial. It has taken me some time to work this into my day, and it truly does make a difference.

Trial and error

It is all about trial and error and finding your way that works for you, so if one method does not bring you joy, that’s okay. Go back to the drawing board and replan. Try again, and you will find the best way for you.

If you overexert yourself, burnout is a looming threat. Conversely, if you invest sufficient hours, progress becomes attainable, and boredom may encroach. There will be tasks that can be outsourced, such as bookkeeping, marketing, or even household chores. Over time, you will master what you do not want to do yourself.

Learning new skills

Learning to do them first is great for solopreneurs, knowing what will work for you and building your confidence and skills. I am amazed at the skills I have learned. Still, to start with, I was not too fond of it and had the wrong mindset that it was all a hassle and taking me away from what I wanted to run my business.

You quickly learn that it could be more straightforward than you thought, but be proud of the skills you are acquiring and growing, as they could lead to an even more exciting adventure.

What is the solopreneur’s goal?

Remember your long-term objectives and recognize that your path as a solopreneur is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. Consider setting up motivational reminders, such as a screensaver displaying inspirational words, a personal mantra, or images of your goals.

Suppose it is a dream vacation, a new vehicle, or perhaps a furry companion. I have this on my computer and laptop screens: motivational words like ” I am capable of achieving my biggest goals.” “I will thrive, not just survive.” You can find your words of inspiration; I believe in you, and you will achieve your desires.

Reward Yourself

Instant gratification undoubtedly proves more motivating than striving for distant, long-term goals. However, entrepreneurship is centred around the bigger picture, and the fruits of your labour may take time to materialize.

A viable strategy to navigate this challenge is establishing small milestones and associating rewards with each one. For instance, if you find it challenging to maintain an eight-hour workday, motivate yourself by promising a delightful dinner at the end of the day. Perhaps a tiny indulgence, like a piece of chocolate ( if you manage tiny, you are a better person than me).

For more substantial achievements, like doing your website or securing a new client, contemplate more significant rewards, such as a new pair of shoes or an enjoyable day out. If you are building your website, look for a mentor who can help guide you and answer questions. It makes a massive difference.

I have built websites, and I struggled and could have been better as I did not know about some of the features, let alone how to do them. My current website, I started with a 30-day challenge with The Website Mentor and what a difference it has made. Whenever I get stuck, I can join in on the weekly call in the membership. I can put a message in the WordPress happy FaceBook community.

Take Action

The vital point is to celebrate these small victories daily. Doing so can provide a significant boost to your motivation. Someone told me to write my biggest goals down and break down the steps needed to achieve them. Your goals, dreams or desires do not have to be wholly business-related; include personal ones.

Then, work on each step from the bottom up, and eventually, your main goals will be achieved or even changed to even bigger ones. You will know once you start because if you try and make little steps, the big ones are taken care of.

Like I said before, if all does not go to plan, it could mean your path needs a new route to that goal. We do not get to try before you buy. We get to create the trail and offers.

In Summary

Ultimately, the key to sustaining motivation as a solopreneur lies in savouring the journey and infusing it with enjoyment. Self-discipline is essential, but maintaining a heavy schedule for an extended period is unsustainable. It might sound cliché, but the secret to success is achieving a harmonious work-life balance and doing it your way.

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